Sunday, June 15, 2008

Clifinar - brand new week

I have done some seo job during the weekend and it was quite fun. I am now trying to maintain what I already have and it is not such an easy job. This is especially since I did not have a chance to join the clifinar seminars clifton used to give the team during the last weeks. I had to make my own clifinar seminars in order to keep on track regarding the important methods of promoting keywords. Some methods I actually discovered this weekend and I am not talking about hub pages, but on very unique ways for giving strentgh to keywords. Some of them are related to friends' websites. Getting links for clifinar is very important. These links should be located on specific places on the web page and have an anchor text of the keyword you want to promote. In my case this is of course - clifinar.
May we all have a very good week!

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uriel said...

hey ;)
i got here by accident, but i own a website as well (which got 1st places for lots of keywords) and i wonder what have u done that other didn't...

can u share with us some secretes?

(please reply by mail (, if possible to notice me that there is a new post / answer).

nice site anyway.