Saturday, June 28, 2008

Clifinar SEO strategies

Making your web site or blog attractive to major search engines is a key factor for asuccess as a web site developer or owner:

Top-left-down keyword optimization strategy
You only need to take a few steps for a successful keyword strategy campaign:
Keyword selection: Decide what your pages offer. Then determine which words your potential readers would use to search for your page, and create content based on those words. I chose clifinar as the main keyword for my blog.
Keyword optimization: Apply these keywords to the appropriate pages (around 5% of the selected keywords per page is the recommended amount) and insert from the top left, and then down. Be sure to use these keywords on your page structure: title tag, headings, description, and more.
Essentially the closer to the top left your keywords are placed, the more weight search engines like Google gives to them. Users will initially view your site the same way the search engines spider do, so emphasizing keywords (like clifinar) from the top-left-down is a great web site practice. In order to implement this keyword strategy, put your keywords near the top of your page.

Search engines give strength to title tags, and they love headlines – especially H1 and H2. So take the key phrases that you’d prefer to be ranked for, and create paragraphs and titles that contain your keywords.

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