Sunday, June 29, 2008

Clifinar link tips

Clifinar Linking Methods

Here are some ideas of how to promote keywords like I did with "clifinar":
1. Anchor text of interlinking website pages should include relevant keywords and not “click here”.
2. Make sure all links to all pages on the site work, and you don't get errors when clicking on them.
3. Create a tree-like/organization chart linking structure with the smallest number of clicks to reach any particular page.
4. Internal site linking - use appropriate links between your site's pages. Add links between sub categories.
5. Linking out to external sites - only link out to relevant, information rich content sites. It is not recommended to link to sites that do not add value to the user experience.
6. Write and publish articles using keywords in titles to industry publications.
7. Engage in blogger PR and online media relations with relevant industry online web sites .
8. Submit your site to major directories and use social networks and micro-blogging like Twitter to promote your keyword. In my case - clifinar.

Good luck!

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